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Check our FAQ list:

1. What is innovaTTion?

innovaTTion is a web platform where companies and researchers in the tourism sector request and offer products, researches, projects, etc. i.e., we connect, from innovaTTion, these two parts creating a meeting point for innovation, by facilitating contact between them. Therefore, innovaTTion is an open innovation marketplace focused on tourism sector and its technologies.

2. What is open innovation?

Open innovation allows to offer ideas (offers) and request them (requests) in an open, reliable and neutral marketplace. Idea generation and selection of these ideas are in a market external to organizations and enterprises. Thus, innovation goes beyond traditional and internal R&D effort, and even beyond attempts at distributed innovation through competitions and tournaments. Therefore, open innovation requires an open marketplace.

3. What means innovaTTion?

INNOVAtion for Tourism and Technologies In Open Networking

4. What is the scope of innovaTTion?

Our potential users are, worldwide, all those people, institutions, research groups, companies, research institutes, innovation centers, clusters, innovative business associations, chambers of commerce, tourism holdings, etc. that they have or require an idea, a concept, a project both developing and finalized, or a pilot test, a demonstration, a study, an article, a design, a license, a patent, a product made or commercial,... any technological element to improve the tourism sector in its broad scope and for any subsector related to tourism: hotels, restaurants, leisure activities, all kinds of supplies, support, transportation, management...

5. What brings me innovaTTion and why should I register?

Through innovaTTion you can connect with other companies or organizations related to your profile or whose business complements yours. InnovaTTion is focused on the exchange of offers and requests on any of the above concepts to fill a need on them. However we focus not only on the personal and single individual, not even a type or in a particular entity, but to all groups, clusters or tourist associations in the first place, and secondly the set of all its members individually. Thus, innovaTTion is a market for clusters, associations, groups, etc. in tourism industry and technologies that can be applied to it, transforming a semi open, distributed and located innovation marketplace to an open and worldwide one.

6. What kind of companies use innovaTTion?

  • Client networks associated in European tourism and innovation organizations.
  • Customers clusters associated about tourism and any technology.
  • Clusters of clients associated with the tourism industry.
  • Customer Research Networks belonging to R&D institutes on the Future of Tourism.
  • Customer Research Networks belonging to R&D institutes on Tourism and Technology.
  • Networks of associations of professionals tourism value chain.
  • Chambers of Commerce of Tourist Destinations.
  • Tourist offices belonging to local, regional, national and European governments.
  • Tourism local, regional, national and European agencies.
  • EU permanent representatives in tourist destinations (lobbies).
  • Experiential Tourism organizations: hiking, cycling, gastronomic tourism, etc.
  • Employers' federations of hotel, restaurant, agencies, etc.
  • Agencies belonging to Ministries of Tourism.
  • Networks of universities and institutions of R&D in Tourism / Technologies applied to the Tourism.
  • R&D+i Consulting companies.
  • Other major stakeholders in world tourism: Amadeus, Tripadvisor, etc.
  • Tourism App developers associations.
  • And any actor in innovation applied to the tourism industry: companies, universities, R+D+i centers, corporations, startups, spinoffs, etc.

7. What is the difference between innovaTTion and other open innovation marketplaces?

As regards the industry sector, the main positive aspect for innovaTTion is the absence of open marketplaces referred specifically to the tourism sector in which offer or require solutions of any technology that can be applied to the tourism environment. Another positive aspect is our philosophy of open marketplace where any individual or group is allowed to publish their product or require a solution to a problem that is present in their environment. This means that our customers have a free and open place to meet and interact with future local, national or international partners, previously unknown to them.

8. I am already part of an other open marketplace, does it pose a problem?

Of course not. Precisely our service is the creation and maintenance of an open innovation marketplace specialized in tourism and it technology; collecting ideas from researchers, innovators and developers teams of projects and requests of investors, entrepreneurs and associations in search of business opportunities, forming a collaborative network of innovation. Our goal is to encourage contact between partners anywhere in the world.

9. How much does innovaTTion cost?

innovaTTion is free to use. You can access the open innovation and contact the owner at any time. To belong to our network and be able to present your products or needs, you just need to register, no monthly payments, no costs.

10. Why is innovaTTion free?

We believe that innovation in tourism is the ideal solution at the time of current crisis and change. Sector opportunities will come from innovative collaboration between various actors linking all stakeholders in a collaborative dialogue to overcome the barriers to innovation. Our economic model is based on a free registration modality and a subscription modality where value added services are offered (personalized advice, consulting, proactive partner search). The third modality is for customers that represent a cluster or an innovative partnership and want to manage their own partners or adapt the open innovation marketplace in other sectors. Find out which modality best suits you.

11. How does innovaTTion work?

innovaTTion connects touristic professionals with innovation experts related to the tourism, thus creating synergies and collaborative networks in order to improve communication and get new opportunities.

12. Do I have to register to contact?

No, you can make contact without registration but if you are registered you will become more visible worldwide and to fill in the required fields about your contact information will not be needed.

13. What is an offer?

You can learn all about an offer here.

14. What is a request?

You can learn all about a request here.

15. I want to learn how to create an offer / request.

Find the help you need watching this video.

16. I want to learn how to contact with an owner.

Find the help you need watching this video.

17. What is the deadline for answer requests?

Is a time limit one can solve a request. Seekers will be waiting for solutions until this date. Don’t hesitate to send your proposal as soon as possible in order to take precedence over other solutions, even if it is before the deadline.

18. After I create an of/rq, how long does it take to publish? And how long it will remain public?

Your offer or request will appear automatically at the list of offers/requests. The creation and publication of an offer/request has no expiration date.

19. How visible will be my content?

All content on innovaTTion is visible to anyone who accesses to the platform and browses through our lists. Anyone can contact you at anytime with no need to registration. In addition, all your contact data that you filled in your profile is also visible.

20. Where can I find more information about innovaTTion?

Please visit our Why TT? section to know more about innovaTTion. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help with any topic. Thus, you can learn more with our guides and walkthrough video:

21. How do I register and what information is required?

You can register simply in a few steps. Just fill your username, email and password and you will receive an email to activate your account.

22. Which of personal data will be public?

All the personal information that you fill in will be public in your profile and will be all that any user will be able to see, included your offers and requests. With all the fields completed you will become more visible!